How to make your Home Office better?

If you operate a business out of your home or telecommute every now and then, you’ve probably struggled at many points with a lot of distractions and temptations which is offered when working from home. Of course, there are benefits to work from home, no need to spend time travelling, fuel efficiency, the comfort of working in your homely outfit. The experts of office interior design companies in Dubai suggest some points on how to keep a better home office Interior atmosphere.

As a matter of fact, working from can be made very productive–In a poll made by Workopolis, 90% of people believed telecommuting actually makes them more productive. It can help you to achieve the elusive work-life balance.

Well, one thing to take care will be the distractions. Your dog might want out, piled up laundry, cooking, your children/neighbour/any relevant others might not grasp the idea of working from home is still working and you are finding your time divided between actually getting things done and trying to get away with interruptions.

Some tips to make your home office the most productive space:

Up for Productivity.

It would be awesome to have a massive office with solid oak doors, impenetrable by the outside world, with an enormous desk overlooking a quiet pond, or the greenery outside.

Maybe that is not very likely to happen to many people but you can still design your home office with productivity.

Finding a quiet corner of the house and trying to stay out of trafficked areas will be ideal. Paint your space a soothing colour eg: Green, you enjoy for productivity. If you don’t love the idea of working in a cave, make sure your space has a window. Putting plants or other natural stuff will give yourself something peaceful and non-distracting to look at. Make sure that you have enough space so that you can have easy access to everything you need to get your work done.

Keep your distractions ready.

After a prolonged period of work-time, you are going to need brain-breaks once in a while. Maybe it’s a game app on your phone, a book, or a musical instrument; choose your weapon. Keep it close to you so that you can reward yourself with short breaks. But beware to be not constantly tempted to it as you will be wasting your precious time.

Being Comfortable.

Not very much comfortable though, because that’s going to make you nap more than you want to work. Investing in a good chair and by making sure that you are sitting in an ergonomically better position at your desk. If you are tired of sitting for too long, you might wanna take a little walk inside your room itself. Anti-glare screen for your computer can seriously increase your comfort level, allowing to focus more on your work.       

Eye breaks are essential.

This might sound not very important, but you will be surprised to know how much impact it can make. It’s difficult to remember regularly but it works.

The eye strain can be reduced by following the 20-20-20 rule. In simple words, stop looking at the screen every 20 minutes. Stare at some object which is about 2o yards away and hold it for 20 seconds.

Spend time doing a little exercise.

Pick up light weights or step into a small treadmill which is to be kept in your workspace if convenient. Taking short breaks in between for simple exercises can help you shift gears, re-energize and refocus throughout the day. It’s good for your head and heart and back, and shoulders and everything.

Purpose of working is important.

Prepare a list of tasks you need to complete every day and finish it. Whether in your office or in the computer make sure you’ve everything beside you to get your work done.

Say NO to distracting people.

There might be several people in your life who doesn’t understand the idea behind working from home. Working from home means still working guys!!

It can be a neighbour, a chatty friend who just likes to pop by, or your parents calling by learning yourself to politely but firmly extricate. Don’t get back to them until your work hour is over and let them know that you are unavailable.

Look like a Grownup

It is a bad habit wander down the stairs in your t-shirt and boxers, grabbing a cup of tea/coffee and heading straight to your workspace. Prepare yourself to get up and get ready for a regular workday. You will be distracted, you will lose track of time and might be panicking when you suddenly have to be ready for a video conference or meeting. Also, there’s something about the dressing part that makes you feel more professional and ready to complete all the work in the most productive way possible.

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